Parenting in the time of coronavirus

Posted at 7:59 PM, Mar 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-16 20:12:09-04

As many parents hunker down with their school-aged children for the next couple of weeks, the need to get creative on how to keep the kids entertained is growing.

Childhood experts suggest setting a schedule similar to the school day, making time both for school work (if your child has any) and also time for play. Set limits on screen time and make sure both of you are getting up and moving around.

Streaming services are offering plenty of ways to stay entertained (Thank you, Disney+ for Frozen 2!), but every good parent knows their child needs more than a screen to stay stimulated.

Here are a few online resources available during this time of social-distancing:

-The Cincinnati Zoo is doing daily home safaris. Follow along on their Facebook page:

-Free daily online art lessons from Paducah-based MAKE:

-Free daily lunch-doodles with children's book creator Mo Willems: []

-Try yoga as a way for both you and your child to get some exercise in, as well as ease that cabin fever: []

Of course, never under estimate the effectiveness of some good old-fashioned reading, a table puzzle or board game, or even a nice walk outside. And it is spring after all, so why not teach a couple classes in AP Laundry or Vacuuming 101? Get your kids involved in spring cleaning, and take note of what toys are not being used and toss them in a donation pile.

Best of luck to all the parents out there. This too shall pass.