Planning a trip? Here are the top tips to know before you go

Posted at 12:18 PM, Jul 28, 2021

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — For travelers planning to get away sometime soon, there are a few things they should know before they go, according to Jessie Ladipo with Trips to Cherish.

Ladipo said her number one tip is to be aware of the COVID-19 requirements at your destination.

"I had a father and daughter who didn't get to go to Bora Bora because Bora Bora requires you to get a visa six days before you arrive," Ladipo said. "No more than and no less than six days where you have given them [COVID-19] test results and your medical history and vaccine status. They didn't get it in in time so they weren't allowed to board a plane."

Another big tip is to get a passport now if you need one. She said most countries require travelers to have passports that do not expire until at least six months after they return home from the trip.

If that applies to you or your passport is currently expired, she said it will take about four to six months to get a new one. She said it used to take about two to three months.

For renewals, she said to prepare to wait three to four months.

"A lot of people were laid off in the processing offices and they have not re-hired them and they have not retrained new people," Ladipo explained as a reason for the delays.

She also suggests getting to the airport much earlier than you usually would because there have been long check-in and baggage drop-off lines.

"July 1st was our 10th anniversary in Lexington," she said about her business. "In the last 3 months, I've had more people miss flights than in the first 10 years combined."

Flight delays and cancellations are also common, so she suggests investing in trip insurance.

She added that to avoid getting bumped to another flight and to have the best chance of getting re-booked first if something happens, become the airline's loyalty member, check in early, and buy upgraded seats.