Possible severe weather to impact Garth Brooks, The Who concerts in Cincinnati

TQL Stadium FC Cincinnati
Posted at 1:28 PM, May 13, 2022

CINCINNATI — Around 150,000 people are expected to come to downtown Cincinnati this weekend for some long-awaited concerts, but possible severe weather may throw a wrench into plans.

Paul Brown Stadium is hosting Country Music Hall of Famer Garth Brooks on Friday and Saturday night for two shows, and TQL Stadium in West End is gearing up to host the venue's first-ever concert Sunday with The Who.

It's the first time The Who has been back to play in Cincinnati since 1979 when 11 people were killed trying to get into the concert.

Despite these long-awaited concerts, Mother Nature doesn't seem to be cooperating with the outdoor venues. Friday night Garth Brooks-goers are in the clear with sunny skies majority of the day.

On Saturday, storms and showers will hit the Tri-State in the afternoon and build into the evening. From 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Saturday a line of showers and storms will move across the area of Paul Brown Stadium impacting Garth's Saturday night show, which is sold out.

Sunday brings its best chance for rain late that night, but a pop-up storm could impact The Who at TQL in the afternoon or evening. The area is only under a slight risk of severe weather Sunday, but if it does hit damaging wind gusts and downpours are possible. Overnight, rain is most likely as a cold front makes its way to the Tri-State for the start of next week.

Despite the uncontrollable weather, business owners say these concerts couldn't have come at a better time.

E+O Kitchen at The Banks sits in the shadow of Great American Ball Park and Paul Brown Stadium.

"It'll be palpable, it'll be fun. The energy is already in the air," E+O marketing director Tony Castelli said. "There's an amazing rising tide that's happening and it can be found in OTR, found in Hyde Park, certainly can be found at The Banks. We want to ride that tide, and make sure everyone can ride it as well."

Brooks' two shows will bring more than 140,000 people to the riverfront. Castelli said that adds up to thousands of people dining in. Reservations at The Banks location were booked weeks ago.

"If they want to come in and dine, I hope they have a time machine," Castelli said. "I hope they had a reservation a month and a half ago."

A search of nearby hotels found four spots with rooms remaining this weekend. Those rooms were all going for more than $300 a night.

Whether people are traveling from out of town or nearby neighborhoods, the concerts are expected to bring a lot of foot traffic into local retailers and restaurants.

"It's a city-wide renaissance in a way," said Castelli. "This feels like the summer of love. The thing about love is you have to spread it. It's spread over the city right now. This weekend is an amazing precursor and example of that."