Protecting dogs from the summer heat

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Posted at 5:30 PM, Jun 25, 2024

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — Everyone handles the heat differently, including our pets. With the high temperatures hanging around, veterinarians say we need to be extra cautious about caring for our animals.

According to The Kennel Club, one in seven dogs that are treated for heat stroke will die.

Summertime is just the beginning, so it is important to know the signs as Bluegrass Veterinarian specialists are seeing dogs coming in sick from the heat.

Part of the problem is not knowing or understanding the signs.

"You'll have a dog that is consistently seeking shade, gets a lot of panting, drooling, you might see if their gums get a little red, might seem a little restless," emergency veterinarian Taylor Marshall said.

Taylor Marshall has been an emergency veterinarian for five years and notices that owners are not always aware of what to do when they find their animal suffering from heat stroke.


"Actually, douse them with some cool water. Not an ice bath, but we are recommending to at least run the hose over them and help them cool down," Marshall said. "Don't cover them with towels 'cause that can trap the heat in, kinda like you would if you were using a blanket and offer them water but not forcing them to drink."

If your pet is not responding, Marshall says it is important to stay calm and follow these steps to get your dog the help it needs.

Marshall added, "The main thing is to remember the idea is to get them cooler... Good ventilation, AC in the car, dosing with cool water, and getting those steps to get them to a local or emergency veterinarian."