Receiving unemployment payments proves a painful process

Posted at 9:20 PM, Apr 15, 2020

KNOX COUNTY, Ky. (LEX 18) — A 47-year-old woman with cancer filed for unemployment on March 30; weeks later, she is still waiting for a payment.

Bobbi Fowler Cross filed for unemployment after her health and the coronavirus forced her to leave her manager job at McDonalds in Corbin.

"I've got bills that's due, you know, I have a car payment," Fowler Cross explained. "I've got car insurance, I've got electric. You know, electric is not cutting people off but who wants to get behind?"

She explained she is desperate to be able to pay for her car that she finally was able to buy because it is what is helping her stay alive.

Fowler Cross has serous endometrial carcinoma as well as Lupus and COPD. She is in the middle of five weeks of radiation treatment that forces her to drive to a cancer center Monday through Friday to fight her cancer.

"Now that I have a car, and can finally get the treatment. Now, we're looking at, okay, am I gonna be able to pay for this car and keep it keep my treatments going?" Fowler Cross said.

Although she said her account summary online explains her claim is "under investigation," there is no timeline for when that may be solved.

During his Tuesday evening press conference, Gov. Andy Beshear said his team is working to do more to help those who have applied for unemployment.

"We are processing more claims than ever before, and sending out more payments than ever before, but I know many of you out there, still haven't gotten the service that you need. That is our fault. And we are working through it," admitted Gov. Beshear. "We will help we will get to you and we will explain the glitches as they come in a transparent and honest manner."

His team explained a list of reasons that may be why some Kentuckians have not received their payments. The following are just some of the reasons:

Tuesday evening, Beshear made a commitment to those who have filed.

"If you haven't been helped yet, it's not enough," Beshear said. "We'll keep at it, and everyone out there that is anxious and worried that their payment won't come that's having to wait too long, it's on me. I'm your Governor. We will work, and we will work, and we will work to make sure that you get what you need to get through this crisis."