Search and rescue crews on standby for more potential flooding in Kentucky

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Posted at 3:14 PM, Aug 09, 2022

(LEX 18) — After search and rescue efforts ended in Eastern Kentucky, Ohio Task Force One didn't go home.

"With us being a neighboring state to Kentucky, with us being from Ohio, we feel very fortunate that we're able to come down and assist Kentucky," Landis said.

Instead, the team of 45 staged at a hotel in Lexington just in case they were needed again.

"If you get the call, how quickly can you be on your way?" LEX 18 reporter Kristen Edwards questioned. "We can be on the road in five minutes," task force leader, Adam Landis, said.

Their hotel is also strategically located right next to an I-75 on-ramp.

During their stay here in Lexington, they're making sure their skills stay fresh.

On Tuesday, LEX 18 was there while their K-9 handlers practiced commands with K-9s Annie and Melvin.


"Whenever I unhook the leash I'm always amazed at what they can do," handler Heather Ferguson said.

The team also rehabbed equipment and did some other training.

For example, they went over what needs to be done if a body of water is too shallow to use the motor on a rescue boat. In that case, they'd use a rope system to maneuver the boat instead.

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They'll keep up this training routine every day until they're released to go back home. Until then, they're ready to help if called upon.

Three other state task force teams are also staged around the Commonwealth in case they are needed this week, according to a FEMA spokeswoman.