Shopping and Sharing to help shelters

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Posted at 8:19 PM, Feb 12, 2022

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — The kickoff for this year's Super Bowl is rapidly approaching.

If you're hosting a party, the time to grocery shop is now.

On Saturday, if you go to many Krogers across the state, you can help the community at the same time.

The event is called "Shop and Share," which helps those affected by domestic violence by supporting shelters like Greenhouse 17.

When you walk into the store, volunteers have lists of items needed such as coffee, tea, hand soap, and soup.

"What it helps is it helps relieve. If somebody has to flee intimate partner violence and they're in shelter, for a little bit, you don't have to worry about your basic needs," said Darlene Thomas, executive director of Greenhouse 17.

"These are people who need support. And this is a really easy way to do that. You're already in Kroger. This list is already made. You can grab a couple of things off the shelf. And if every body grabs one or two extra things, right, that makes a world of difference to people at Greenhouse 17," said Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman.

The program was started over a decade ago by former Kentucky First Lady Jane Beshear.

The items donated can keep shelters stocked with supplies for the next year.