State lawmaker: 'Bias and bigotry still exist' after bomb threat at Kentucky State University

Posted at 5:09 PM, Feb 01, 2022

FRANKFORT, Ky. (LEX 18) — On the first day of Black History Month, more than a dozen historically Black colleges and universities were forced to lock down or postpone classes because of bomb threats.

Kentucky State University was one of them.

"The FBI is aware of the series of bomb threats around the country, and we are working with our law enforcement partners to address any additional threats," FBI Louisville said in a statement.

State Senator Reggie Thomas says, unfortunately, threats like these are "nothing new."

"This is just another act of intimidation. We've seen this historically in regard to churches, with regard to African-American families," said Thomas. "Let's be clear about this. This is nothing new."

"If you look at the history of what African Americans have had to endure in this country, this is just another of this long line of intimidation practices," he added.

The fact that this happened at the start of Black History Month doesn't surprise Thomas either.

"You almost could've predicted that," he said.

"We've made a lot of progress - and I say that all the time, that we've made a lot of progress in this country - but this just reinforces that we haven't completely eradicated these kind of events," Thomas added. "Bias and bigotry still exist in America. And we need to fight every day to eliminate it."

Thomas also emphasized that these threats will not stop historically Black schools.

"It's not going to stop the work of Kentucky State University," he said. " It's not going to stop the work of these HBCUs - who provide outstanding education across this country."

Thomas hopes the FBI finds the people responsible for the threats. He emphasized the importance of holding people accountable "for these kind of intimidating, hate-crime acts."