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Kentucky lawmakers react to breach of U.S. Capitol by pro-Trump rioters

Posted at 11:48 PM, Jan 06, 2021

FRANKFORT, Ky. (LEX 18) — Many Kentucky lawmakers condemned the actions of pro-Trump rioters who breached the U.S. Capitol Wednesday.

Lawmakers said they learned of the breach at the U.S. Capitol as they discussed legislation in committee meetings.

"This is just a travesty. This is not what we are about in the United States of America," said Senator Damon Thayer, majority floor leader. "Violence like this, it's terrible. This is a sad, sad day in our country's history."

President Trump did not immediately respond to the breach, but later issued a tweet, followed by a video statement.

"I wish he would have acted more swiftly and he has the power to shut these things down, to bring in military force," Senator Thayer said.

Democratic Minority Leader, Senator Morgan McGarvey criticized the president's reaction to the breach.

"You can't fan the flames and then condemn the fire. It's something we all have to stand strong and say consistently is wrong. This is not how we're gonna operate and we're gonna have to do better," he said.

He released a joint statement with House Minority Leader Rep. Joni Jenkins:

“What happened today in Washington, D.C., is not who we are or what we stand for as a nation. We condemn these acts and any plans to undermine our constitutional protections. It’s time we unite as Americans and send a strong message that acts of violence will not be tolerated.”

Speaker of the House, Rep. David Osborne also released a statement:

“Today’s actions at the U.S. Capitol are sickening and despicable. Violence, destruction, and looting are not the strategies of patriots but the weapons of anarchists. They are the tools used to limit democracy in nations across the globe and will not be tolerated in the United States of America. After this situation is resolved, we must look back and determine what brought us here and find a path forward paved with respect.”