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Kentucky officials officially sworn into office

Posted at 7:38 AM, Jan 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-06 18:55:36-05

Constitutional officers for the state of Kentucky were sworn in Monday morning during an inaugural ceremony in the Capitol Rotunda.

Those taking the oath of office included Attorney General Daniel Cameron, Auditor Mike Harmon, Treasure Allison Ball, Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles, and Secretary of State Michael Adams.

As the lone Democrat winner of a statewide race, Governor Andy Beshear led off the ceremony by saying he is hoping lawmakers can look past party divisions to find common ground.

"We share our Kentucky values of faith, of family, and of hard work. Giving back and looking out for our neighbors. That is who we are, and we must live those values every single day in Frankfort and across the commonwealth," said Beshear.

After Beshear left the podium, it was time for the other elected officers, all Republicans, to take the ceremonial oath of office.

Harmon, Ball and Quarles are the three re-elected office holders, and reaffirmed their pledge to continue the work that Kentuckians voted them to do.

Harmon invoked his campaign promise to continue following the data.

"And team 'follow the data' has accomplished many things during my first term. But there is certainly much more that needs to be done," said Harmon.

"I have been that watchdog, that protector of taxpayer dollars. I have stopped fraud attempts on Kentucky equaling over $5 million. I have been a champion on transparency like I told you I would be," said Ball.

"I am determined to be the best Commissioner of Agriculture for all of Kentucky, regardless of who your are, or where you're from," said Quarles.

Since Beshear and Cameron started in their respective positions last month, the only elected officer to officially start on Monday is Secretary of State Adams. He says he has a plan to restore faith in the election system.

"Number one, govern with integrity. You're not going to see investigations of my administration. Number two, to pass a photo ID law for our elections. And number three, to clear up our voter rolls," said Adams.

Attorney General Cameron says he is committing to be a voice for the voiceless, and recognized the significance of being the first independently elected African-American to statewide office.

"But what is more important to me, is that I hope this moment propels men and women who look like me to answer the call of public service, regardless of political affiliation" said Cameron.

Right after the ceremony, the constitutional officers returned to work to officially beginning their four-year term.

There were many state representatives and senators in attendance for the ceremony, but all are due back on Tuesday for the start of the next legislative session.