Students denied entry to homecoming dance after dress code violations

Posted at 12:10 PM, Sep 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-24 12:10:15-04

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE/LEX 18) — What usually is a night of fun and dancing became a night of disappointment for several high school students in Louisville, when they weren't allowed to attend their homecoming dance.

"They measured her and the administrator said, 'Well, you barely made it,' At that point, my daughter burst into tears," said Carrie Vittitoe.

Vittitoe said that's what happened last Saturday night when her daughter tried to attend a school dance at Eastern High School. According to WAVE, she said several of her friends weren't allowed to go in because of dress code violations because administrators said their dresses were too short.

"Two inches would be right here," said Vittitoe as she placed measuring tape on her knee below the line of her shorts. "I'm not, you're not getting into the dance. I'm not getting into the dance. I'm also not getting into the school in what I'm wearing and I think I look fine."

This bothered Vittitoe because last year she follow the dress code, but she said it wasn't enforced.

She also said that Saturday's situation escalated. When she arrived, she said police were at the school telling students and parents they'd be considered trespassing if they didn't go into the dance or leave.

Some of the students waiting were freshman and sophomores who could not drive, according to Vittitoe.

"We took it upon ourselves to just keep an eye on them," Vittitoe said.

She said she asked officers where she should take the teens and they told her to bring the children, who were not hers, to a sidewalk on the outside of the campus.

"It became a safety issue," she said. "When students are on property for a school sponsored dance, the administrators are responsible for those children."

Vittitoe is now calling for changes to the dress code and wants it to be less restrictive so it doesn't happen again.

Eastern High School's principal sent out a letter to parents after the dance. In it, she apologized that the incident upset people and pledged to review the dress code and how it's communicated.