Students, parents worried about alleged 'Fight Week' at Montgomery County High School

Posted at 6:17 PM, Nov 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-21 05:35:55-05

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ky. (LEX 18) — Several videos have been circulating social media that show Montgomery County High School students being targeted by violence and students are reportedly declaring it "Fight Week."

The videos being posted allegedly show students being attacked and the parents and students LEX 18's Eleanor Buckley spoke with said they have had enough.

The video that LEX 18 obtained appears to show a student being a target of one of these attacks. In the video, which LEX 18 chose to blur to protect the identity of those involved, you can see a student approach the victim and start beating him with no warning.

Parents and students said that, attacks like that, are not unusual. The school has also responded on social media.

Montgomery County Superintendent Dr. Thompson said he is aware of the social media posts referring to a large number of fights over the past two days at the high school.

"These posts and comments do not contain accurate information and exaggerate the number of events occurring. The truth is that there were far fewer incidents than referenced on social media and the vast majority of our students engaged in appropriate behavior," said Thompson.

But, a parent of two Montgomery County High School students told LEX 18 that she feels like students are not being protected and the school needs to do more in assuring this type of violence does not take place.

"It's a major issue, nothing is being exaggerated. There is video after video, it's not an exaggeration and he's just saying it's a few instances and really it's not it's all over social media," said parent Aimee Spence.

Montgomery County student Emiley Mattingly said that, after seeing these fights firsthand, she wants more to be done to prevent them. She also said that she is now ashamed to go to school at Montgomery County.

"I don't want to be picked of the group, 'oh, well she must believe this because she's from Montgomery County' or 'she must've been behind the fights,' so it is kinda embarrassing..." said Mattingly. "Montgomery County is a very good school and I would recommend it to everybody... people would move or transfer to Montgomery County... but after this week, I would be embarrassed to tell everybody I'm from Montgomery County."