Thieves unscrew Christmas lights, steal 100 light bulbs

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Posted at 9:07 AM, Dec 17, 2019

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (LEX 18/WAVE) — A couple in Louisville had to deal with thieves after they found that their string of lights were up, but all the light bulbs were missing.

A Facebook post made by David Ritcheson, that was published in a neighborhood group, starts off like this: "Dear Lightbulb Thief."

(David Ritcheson Facebook)

This is because last week, he was walking out of his home and found that his light bulbs were missing, according to WAVE.

"Oh, we have no lights," Ritcheson told WAVE. "Not that we don't have any strings of lights, but we just don't have light bulbs."

He told WAVE that the green wiring was still attached to him home, but all the light bulbs were missing.

"Someone had come and individually unscrewed, I think I counted we have about 100 light bulbs out there," he told WAVE.

Ritcheson and his wife, Kayla, were upset at first.

"I had this sense of injustice," Kayla told WAVE. "Like, those were ours."

David agreed with Kayla.

"I was frustrated at first, but then I started thinking, like, 'Oh man, someone must have really good knees to like, bend down, and do that 100 times,'" David told WAVE.

Ritcheson told WAVE that his knees had hurt for a week after putting the lights up, but just as the pain stopped, so did the frustration.

"As Christians, it's kind of easy to forgive things like this, in light of what God forgave us, which is what Christmas is all about reminding us of," said Ritcheson.

He signed off his Facebook post as "Your Christmas Lightless Neighbor" and it is clear that Ritcheson found the bright side of the dim situation.

The couple said that it is too close to Christmas to redecorate, but that next year they might make their lights not as accessible.