Three arrested after man's property is vandalized for years

Posted at 6:03 PM, Jul 17, 2022

JESSAMINE COUNTY, Ky. (LEX 18) — One Jessamine County man said his house flipping nightmare is finally over after deputies arrested the people he believes have been vandalizing the property for years.

Brandon Tyree said problems began almost instantly after he purchased a foreclosed home in Nicholasville in 2020.

"We would come, and stuff would be moved, stuff would be missing," said Tyree,

For the next two years, Tyree said thieves would continue to break in, steal and dump their trash onto the property.

Leaving behind a trail of broken glass, trashed appliances, and over 100,000 dollars in damage.

"It's really discouraging when you come, and you do this for a living, and you are trying to renovate a home to sell, and you can't get anywhere because of the vandalism," he said.

Multiple attempts to catch them fell through.

"We put in security systems and cameras. They stole the cameras."

The thieves were even too fast for law enforcement.

"We would call for an officer and dispatch. The people were gone. They were really good about hitting this place fast," Tyree explained

As Tyree's frustrations grew, he made another attempt to catch them Friday night.

"I said they've been there twice today. They're gonna hit it tonight. This is their pattern."

He notified law enforcement ahead of time, and sheriff's deputies were able to catch the thieves loading thousands of dollars of flooring and cabinets into their truck.

They arrested three people and charged them with burglary.

Deputies executed a search warrant and found thousands more stolen materials from the property, and returned them to Tyree.

Restoring some of his lost profit and his hope for the future.

"I'm ready to get this thing done and put it on the market," said Tyree.

Deputies are still determining if the trio arrested are connected to all of the break-ins on the property over the past two years.