Derrick Jennings
Amber Nicole Mitchell's fiance, who is currently serving in the Army National Guard. Photo by: Amber Nicole Mitchell
Michael Blanton
Michael Blanton who is currently serving in the USAF! Photo: Dolores BlantonPhoto by: Dolores Blanton
Henry "Andy" Anderson Cross
Henry "Andy" Anderson Cross: 101st Airborne, Screaming Eagles. Photo: Amy CrowePhoto by: Amy Crowe
Travis Mikel
Brooke Burgees' hero and husband, Travis Mikel. Photo by: Brooke Burgees
Bryan Bruner
Bryan Bruner: U.S. Army - Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Photo from Wayne BrunerPhoto by: Wayne Bruner
Harold Wayne Allen
Angela Byrom's favorite Marine and father, Harold Wayne Allen.Photo by: Angela Byrom
Arnold Pelfrey
Aimee McKinney's hero and father Major Sargent First Class Arnold Pelfrey. Photo by: Aimee McKinney
George Lee
Brittany Danielle Smith's papaw George Lee. Sgt. U.S. Army and Vietnam BigRed 1Photo by: Brittany Danielle Smith
Billy Barlow
Melissa Barlow Bowman's father Billy Barlow, Vietnam Marine Sergeant Photo by: Melissa Barlow Bowman
Joshua Minix
Lorna Nichole Minix's husband Joshua Minix in the U.S. ArmyPhoto by: Lorna Nichole Minix
Bobby, James and Crystal
Crystal Nevin's siblings: Bobby in the Marines/Army, James in the Marines and Crystal in the Air Force.Photo by: Crystal Nevin
Robert Toomey
Angie Toomey's father, Robert Toomey, who served in the U.S. Army.Photo by: Angie Toomey
Steve Waters
Steve Waters, who is 19 in the picture, graduated Military Police training before the start of the first Gulf War.Photo by: Steve Waters
Jay Foote and Heather Foote
Laurie Sivils Foote's husband, 1st Sergeant Jay Foote, and daughter, Sergeant Heather FootePhoto by: Laurie Sivils Foote
Caleb Whitely
Sarah MacDonald Whitely's husband, Caleb Whitley, who is currently serving overseasPhoto by: Sarah MacDonald Whitely
Michael T. Wright
Michael T. Wright who served in VietnamPhoto by: Barbara Wright Ratliff
Bradley Doolin
Kristen Doolin's husband, Bradley DoolinPhoto by: Kristen Doolin
Roy Beasley
Kat Beasley's father, Roy BeasleyPhoto by: Kat Beasley
Russell Whitmire
Here is a photo of Russell WhitmirePhoto by: Russell Whitmire
Joseph Bates
Joseph Bates at the East German border in 1986Photo by: Joseph Bates
Bart Ratliff
Bart Ratliff who was killed in action on D Day in FrancePhoto by: Barbara Wright Ratliff
Lonzie Ratliff
Lonzie Ratliff who was killed in action in World War II.Photo by: Barbara Wright Ratliff
Mike Wright
Mike Wright, who served in VietnamPhoto by: Barbara Wright Ratliff
Robert Armstrong
Kendra Elyse Armstrong's husband, Robert Armstrong, and children, Khloe and ZacharyPhoto by: Kendra Elyse Armstrong
Kathy Lynn's father
Kathy Lynn's father, who served in the U.S. ArmyPhoto by: Kathy Lynn
James Campbell
Michelle Campbell Williams' father James CampbellPhoto by: Michelle Campbell Williams
Family of heroes
Pictured is: Robert Cooper, Retired USAF; Ronald Cooper, Retired USMC; Roger Cooper, Retired USAF; Ronald Cooper, U.S. Navy; Jed Cooper, U.S. Army and currently overseasPhoto by: Erika Cooper
Christopher Scott Poole
Pictured is Angela Cooke Mcdonald's son, Christopher Scott PoolePhoto by: Angela Cooke Mcdonald