With grocery prices on the rise retail, grocery leaders share tips on how to save

Posted at 6:02 PM, Feb 11, 2022

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — Inflation is continuing to take its toll, and prices continue to rise. Anyone shopping for food may have noticed those prices continue going up as well.

Retail leaders say the rise began during the pandemic.

"With various supply chain issues and other pandemic related things that have affected the production of materials we started seeing prices going up on certain things in the grocery store," said Steve McClain, Director of Communications with the Kentucky Grocers and Convenience Store Association.

In stores, shoppers may notice higher costs for cereals, baked goods, meats, produce, and more. They say cost can get passed down from farmers to the supply chain onto customers.

"Consumers are encouraged to look at different brands, look at different variety of product," said McClain.

Retail leaders say costs have risen as much as 7%, and Critchfield Meats owners are doing everything they can to save their customers money.

“Most of the shoppers I think they're looking for deals. Prices get high so we do weekly sales,” says President Mark Critchfield. “I do run a wholesale distribution which I service about a 200-mile radius of Lexington, which helps me get products at the best price."

The University of Kentucky’s cooperative extension service agents says trying new stores and products is a great way to save. Elizabeth Coots is the Family and Consumer Science Extension Agent, with the Woodford County University of Kentucky Extension Office.

“This might be a good opportunity to check out a grocery store down the street, maybe shop around and see what other grocery stores have available. You can also look at your local farms," said Coots.

Have a list and make a meal plan, try to shop strategically. The UK extension service offers classes that teach families how to cook and save. They say avoid quick meals.

"Those convenience foods, you know pop it in the microwave or in the oven and heat it up those are gonna be a little more expensive. So, something else you can do is try and learn some cooking skills,” says Coots.