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Scotland makes feminine hygiene products free for citizens

Scotland makes feminine hygiene products free for citizens
Posted at 8:38 PM, Nov 24, 2020

The Scottish Parliament voted on Tuesday to unanimously approve a bill that would provide free feminine hygiene products to the public. The bill says products that are disposable, such as tampons and wipes, will be available to the public for free.

The legislation, titled SP Bill 45A, spells out that local authorities ensure “period products” be obtainable free of charge to all persons who need them; education providers make period products obtainable for free for students; and that period products be available for free in public buildings.

The legislation points out that Scotland is the first nation in the world to implement such a law, so it is unknown what the cost might be to the government.

The Scottish government estimates there are nearly 1.6 million women of menstruation age in Scotland.

“Thank you to everyone who has campaigned for period dignity and to my MSP colleagues for backing the Bill tonight. A proud day for Scotland and a signal to the world that free universal access to period products can be achieved,” the bill’s sponsor Monica Lennon tweeted.

"Proud to vote for this groundbreaking legislation, making Scotland the first country in the world to provide free period products for all who need them. An important policy for women and girls," Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said on Twitter.