November 11th snow and cold event

Nearly 2” of snow. Now near-record cold.
Posted at 5:33 PM, Nov 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-13 11:47:10-05

The bulk of the snow has wrapped up, but we’re still dealing with a few light to moderate showers. Snow started around 8:00 pm last night for the Bluegrass while it took a few more hours for the transition to occur for those east of I-75 and south of the Mountain Parkway. Snow continued overnight but started to slow in the early morning for Bluegrass counties. Eastern counties kept the bulk of showers through the entire day Tuesday.

Unless something changes, we will end the event with 1.8” of total snow at the Blue Grass Airport. 1.6” fell yesterday and an additional 0.2” fell today. The 1.6” smashed the old November 11th daily snowfall record of 0.9” that was recorded back in 1894. Below is a list of other things that happened in 1894...

Also, the 1.6” is tied for 14th highest one-day snowfall ever recorded in the fall season.

As the snow fell, temperatures crashed. Temperatures were at freezing at midnight Tuesday and fell from there. The best we did in the afternoon was about 24 degrees. Temperatures will not get above freezing again until Wednesday afternoon.


Low temperatures fell to 12 degrees the morning of Wednesday, November 13th. 12 degrees breaks the old daily low temperature record of 13 degrees set back in 1911. 12 Degrees is also the coldest temperature recorded in the first 15 days of November. The only other time we've been this cold, this early in the fall season was back in 1951 on November 3rd. That 12 degrees came on a morning after a pretty decent early season snowfall, not unlike the one that just fell the last couple of days.