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Oreo’s New Frozen Ice Cream Treats Include Bars, Cones, Sandwiches And Tubs

Oreo’s New Frozen Ice Cream Treats Include Bars, Cones, Sandwiches And Tubs
Posted at 9:35 AM, Jan 31, 2022

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While Oreo is no stranger to giving us new flavors of its beloved cookie every once in a while, the brand is now launching a completely new treat for the most die-hard Oreo fans: ice cream!

Oreo’s new line of frozen treats includes bars, cones, sandwiches and tubs of ice cream, all with a creme-flavored base and chunks of Oreo cookies. The bars and cones are also both dipped in a coating made from crushed Oreo cookies.

The Oreos Scoopables dairy desserts come in 14-ounce and 48-ounce tubs, and there is also a box with 10 single-serving cups available. The sandwiches look like a large version of an Oreo cookie and feature ice cream mixed with cookie pieces between two cookie wafers.


If you’re wondering what makes these different than other cookies and cream-flavored treats, the answer lies in the flavor itself. While most cookies and cream desserts are made with vanilla ice cream, Oreo made the new treats with a creme-flavored base. That means that not only are they filled and/or coated with Oreo pieces, but the actual ice cream tastes like the inside of the cookie.

An Oreo representative tells Simplemost the frozen desserts are currently in select local freezer aisles and will be in stores nationwide by March 2022. You can visit their website to see if they’re available at your grocery store.


If you simply can’t wait for your Oreo ice cream fix, Sonic Drive-In is bringing back its Double Stuf Oreo Waffle Cone and Blast Jan. 31-March 27.

The Double Stuf Oreo Waffle Cone features a waffle cone made of chocolate Oreo cookies. This treat is layered with sweet Oreo creme, filled with ice cream and topped with another layer of Oreo creme and Oreo cookie pieces. The Double Stuf Oreo Blast is a spoonable dessert with ice cream blended with Oreo creme and Oreo cookie pieces. Then, it’s topped with even more Oreo cookie pieces.


These Oreo items, however, are not the only frozen treats inspired by beloved snacks that you’ll soon find in stores.

Little Debbie and Hudsonville have teamed up to launch brand-new ice cream flavors based on Little Debbie’s popular snacks. The ice creams hit Walmart stores nationwide beginning Feb. 1 in seven flavors: Oatmeal Creme Pies, Cosmic Brownies, Zebra Cakes, Honey Buns, Strawberry Shortcake Rolls, Swiss Rolls and Nutty Bars.

All flavors include pieces of the snack they’re inspired by — the soft oatmeal cookies, brownies, cake, glazed honey bun pieces and chocolatey waffle cones with fudge are mixed right in.

Hudsonville Ice Cream

Which new ice cream treat are you most excited to try?

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