People Are Waiting Up To 10 Hours To Ride The New ‘Harry Potter’ Ride At Universal

Posted at 3:55 PM, Jun 14, 2019
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Standing in line at an amusement or theme park is part of the experience. It may be inconvenient, but we deal with the reality that some rides are just more popular than others. But how long would you wait for your favorite ride? One hour? Maybe two?

Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, may have some of the most devoted fans of all. “Harry Potter” fanatics showed up in droves on June 13 to experience Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventures, the newest ride in the park’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter. To say there’s been some hype for the new thrill ride would be a massive understatement. Fans started lining up hours before the park even opened to be one of the first to get aboard. Some reports said guests arrived by 2:30 a.m.!

These brave riders apparently weren’t alone, as the lines swelled to capacities we’re not sure even Universal Studios imagined. By 9 a.m., the official park app that lists wait times showed a staggering 600-minute wait for Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventures. In other words, a 10-hour wait — for a theme park ride! People sure love their entertainment.

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The line stretched way back into other sections of the Universal Studios parks. But few people seemed willing to give up their place to be one of the first-day riders of the “Harry Potter” roller coaster.

Here’s a video of part of the line, as recorded by Twitter user Ashley Carter:

Twitter user Jocelyn Feeley couldn’t help but find a little bit of humor in the outrageous wait time.

“We love a good 10 hour wait,” she wrote.

Unfortunately, things didn’t get better as the day progressed. Between the massive crowds, technical glitches in the ride and poor weather conditions, the line never really let up over the course of the day.

A writer from The Unofficial Guide, a series of popular travel books, tweeted his progress throughout his long day, which included braving crushing crowds and severe storms.

And yes, @TheUnofficialGuides did get to ride the coaster, after 7.5 hours in line!

Check out Universal’s official Twitter account at @UniversalORL to see what the ride’s like:

The $300 million coaster features cars that look like Hagrid’s motorbike and sidecar, just like the one in the “Harry Potter” series of books and movies. The ride takes guests twisting and turning through realistic sets from the fictional world lovingly created by J.K. Rowling.

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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter has been a big deal at Universal Studios in Orlando since 2010 when it opened. It features several other rides, including the Hogwarts Express, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey and Flight of the Hippogriff.

Fans of the movies and the books alike can enjoy dining in the Hog’s Head or Three Broomsticks, walk through the village of Hogsmeade or take the Hogwarts Express to the 2014 expansion at Diagon Alley. They can also enjoy shows, and shop — get a wand at Ollivander’s or buy sweet treats at Honeydukes.

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With this brand-new rollercoaster, which used to be the Dueling Dragons coaster before removal in 2017, Universal has shown that Harry Potter’s popularity with the masses is not waning — and that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter will just keep getting better.

Still, we think we’ll wait a few months before braving the this particular thrill ride.

What do you think? Is any ride worth 10 hours in line?

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