Police looking for suspect accused of theft in Stamping Ground

Police say man stole trailer, truck, and wheel rims
Posted at 5:58 PM, Jul 01, 2019

STAMPING GROUND, Ky. (LEX 18) - — Police in Stamping Ground have been knocking on doors to try and learn more about the man who stole a trailer, truck, and wheel rims on Saturday.

The incident happened in broad daylight and was caught on a security camera.

“Do not leave your vehicles unlocked. Do not leave your keys in it,” said Stamping Ground Police Chief Roger Nowakowski.

The police want the public to hear this message loud and clear after the theft on Saturday.

According to Nowakowski, the truck and trailer were stolen from the Penn Memorial Baptist Church. The theft was called in by one of the volunteers at the church. The volunteers were at the church doing yard work. Meanwhile, a truck and trailer were stolen in the middle of the day.

Before the theft, the suspect was approached by an older man who pulled up in the parking lot, offered him a drink and went inside.

Afterwards, the thief went up the hill, grabbed wheel rims and put them on the trailer and drove off.

“The truck was unlocked, and the keys were in it. The truck and the trailer were stolen. We recovered the trailer in Frankfort, so we do have the trailer. The truck was a Ford F-350 Golden Burley tobacco truck and it has damage to the tailgate,” said Nowakowski.

Police said the stolen trailer was worth $14,000, so they are glad that it was found. Now, they are looking for the gray truck.

Monday afternoon, police identified 45-year-old Bobby Townsend Jr., of Lexington, as their primary suspect. They say he is also wanted for questioning about other thefts involving vehicles.

If you have any information surrounding the theft or possible sightings of the truck, call Stamping Ground Police Department at (502) 535-6223.