Politics get heated at Fancy Farm Picnic

Posted at 9:27 PM, Aug 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-03 21:27:41-04

FANCY FARM, KY (LEX 18) — Nearly 20,000 people showed up to the annual Fancy Farm Picnic Saturday for a political showdown between several candidates.

There were more than two hours of speeches, featuring several statewide races. Of those included Governor Matt Bevin and Attorney General Andy Beshear.

The face-off was years in the making for both candidates. Bevin and Beshear both made their cases at Fancy Farm four years ago, and both won their elections. Come November, only one will stay in Frankfort.

In Governor Bevin's first Fancy Farm appearance since 2016, he questioned why Andy Beshear did not defend abortion bills and touted him for being against sanctuary cities.

Bevin also said Kentuckians are working more than ever and cited the national scene of the country.

“It's a function of whether you stand for America and American principles, or whether you stand for socialism. Which side are you on? Do you stand with Donald Trump as the president of America, or do you stand with the squad, or whatever you call themselves these days. Which side are you on?” said Bevin.

Andy Beshear took the famous stage and questioned Governor Bevin's record, taunting at his poll numbers. He also discussed Bevin's "bashing" of teachers.

“The challenges we face are the same regardless of what side you are chanting on here today. What you heard from our governor today, and what you have seen everyday of this administration is try to create an us vs. them. Under a Beshear/Coleman administration, there will only be an us" said Beshear.

Senator Mitch McConnell has been a staple at Fancy Farm dating back to the 1980's. The animated crowd was full of supporters cheering on Senator McConnell, but plenty of detractors mocking him with "Moscow Mitch" signs.

The senator talked about his accomplishments in Washington, but wasted no time taking a jab at his Democratic rival, Amy McGrath. She was not at the Fancy Farm Picnic.

“The Washington liberals responded by targeting me. They handpicked Amy McGaffe...Oh I mean, McGrath. She sends her regards. She's still working on an answer on Brett Kavanaugh with her friends over at MSNBC.”

The annual picnic wrapped up Saturday night.