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Whip Up Amazing Breakfasts With Stuffed Waffle Maker

Whip Up Amazing Breakfasts With Stuffed Waffle Maker
Posted at 7:30 AM, Mar 13, 2021

It’s not hard to make waffles at home — but stuffed waffles, featuring middles oozing with chocolate, cheese, peanut butter or fresh fruit, can take some effort to get right. Luckily, you don’t need to have amazing culinary skills to whip up a restaurant-quality stuffed waffle, you just need the right tool: specifically, this Presto Stuffler stuffed Belgian waffle maker.

If you find yourself in a breakfast rut, this gadget makes it so simple to make large Belgian-style waffles that are stuffed with nearly anything you can think of. You only need to pour in the waffle batter to the bottom layer, add the ingredients for the stuffing, and then pour in more waffle batter for the top layer.

The machine makes the process basically fail-proof, ensuring that the outsides of the waffles are crispy, while the inside, whether comprised of sweet or savory ingredients, is warm and perfectly melted. It takes around seven minutes to make a single waffle, but the size of each waffle is substantial. One or two waffles may be plenty for a meal.

Amazon reviewers seem to love the Presto Stuffler, rating it an average of 4.5 stars out of 5, with over 1,400 reviews. They have noted how versatile the waffle maker is, too. Not only can you use it for both stuffed and regular waffles for breakfast, but you can use it to make stuffed sandwiches and paninis for lunch and dinner, too.

The Presto Stuffler comes with a recipe book for ideas, but just about anything you can think of can be used to “stuff” a waffle, from strawberries, cream cheese and Nutella to savory options, like scrambled eggs, bacon and even chicken.


The waffle maker comes with a set of tongs to help lift out the waffles when they’re finished cooking. The waffle irons themselves are also non-stick, which makes cleanup a breeze. It currently costs $49.30 on Amazon.

“I never knew I needed a stuff waffle maker until now,” wrote one enthusiastic Amazon reviewer. “Where has this thing been all my life! Super simple to use and we have already made s’mores stuffed waffles, banana/nutella combo and cherry cheese cake. Waffles are huge and one waffle fills up both my kids. Love it!!!”

If you prefer regular waffles but with fun designs, you can buy a Mickey Mouse-themed waffle maker or the super-popular Dash mini waffle makers that make breakfast goodies (including chaffles) with different shapes perfect for different seasons, like hearts and pumpkins. You can also use your regular waffle iron in creative ways, to cook up hash browns, pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches and  cookies. Enjoy!

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