Rain, rain, and more rain

Slow-moving systems will bring a few days of rain.
Posted at 8:03 PM, Jan 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-02 20:03:43-05

There was plenty of sunshine on the first day on the year. However the beginning of 2020 will be remembered for days of soaking rain. Things got started today as rain spread from south to north with a low advancing out of the Deep South. Low #1 will cut through eastern Tennessee tonight and Friday. This keeps the widespread nature of rain in tact. Heavier rain will be possible, especially across southern and southeastern Kentucky. There's another system in play too. A frontal system is moving through the Midwest. Low #2 so-to-speak won't be able to advance until the low to our south gets a move on. The slow-moving low will finally move out of the way on Saturday. Until that time it's more rain.

This soggy setup will bring a good deal of rain to the Commonwealth over the next couple of days. Rainfall amounts will range from one to three inches, with the highest totals expected across southeastern Kentucky. The ground is still saturated after last Sunday's soaking rain event. We'll have to keep an eye on flood prone and low-lying areas south of the Cumberland and Hal Rogers Parkways for localized flooding issues. A Flood Watch has not been hoisted, and isn't expected to be issued at this time.

Low #2, which will move in from the Midwest, will pull in a little more moisture and some colder air on Saturday. As temperatures drop rain will mix with and even change over to light snow. Balmy days and a warm ground will limit the amount of snow that will stick. Any snowfall accumulation will be very light, and in the grass and on elevated surfaces.