Republican Senator crosses party lines, endorses Democratic candidate

seum and beshear.JPG
Posted at 3:58 PM, Jul 30, 2019

(LEX 18) — On Monday, Republican Senator Dan Seum crossed party lines by endorsing Democrat Andy Beshear for governor.

The two appeared side by side in a recorded message where Seum endorsed the democrat for governor and criticized the Republican candidate, incumbent Governor Matt Bevin.

"Today, we have a Governor who has failed miserably in the pension issue and has spent the last four years running around the state insulting everyone, including the four teachers in my family," Seum said in the message.

The Kentucky State Senator is no stranger to cross-party politics. He was first elected as a Democrat, but changed parties in 1999.

University of Kentucky Political Science Assistant Professor Michael Zilis said that this is a move that people should keep an eye on.

"If it's an anomaly, the Bevin campaign, I think, will happily right it off as an anomaly, one, sort of disgruntled, senator from their perspective. But if it's part of a trend of other republicans defecting and endorsing Beshear, then that's maybe much more concerning for the Governor," said Zilis.

Governor Bevin's campaign didn't seem concerned by the endorsement. His campaign manager released the following statement, "If Senator Seum wants to support Sanctuary Cities and abortion up until the moment of birth, that's his decision to make. Governor Bevin has been endorsed by President Trump, the NRA, and Kentucky Right to Life."

You can watch Seum's endorsement below: