Scottsville Police Sergeant credited with saving toddler's life

Child's parents thank Sgt. James Talbott
Posted at 3:44 PM, Aug 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-29 15:44:13-04

ALLEN COUNTY, Ky. (WNKY) — A police officer in Allen County saved a toddler by performing CPR, according to WNKY.

The child's parents are thanking the officer for saving their son's life. Earlier this year, they lost a premature baby girl, so when their son Aiden stopped breathing, it was terrifying.

"I was scared that he would go and I was going to lose another child," said Nicholas King, Aiden's father.

"You try to stay calm, but you can't because you're in pure panic and you don't have time to think in a situation like that," said Misty King, the toddler's mother.

Scottsville Police Sergeant James Talbott arrived at the home and performed CPR on Aiden, who was unresponsive.

"He gasps and he spits up enough spit or slobber. After that point, I flipped him over and tried to clear his airway and finally got a little bit of a cry out of him which was a relief," said Talbott in a phone interview with WNKY.

Talbott told the news station he is thankful for his recent re-certification in CPR that helped him save the young boy.

The Scottsville Police Department shared the body cam video to their Facebook page. You can watch it below.