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See Inside Ford’s New ‘Big Nugget’ Campervan

See Inside Ford’s New ‘Big Nugget’ Campervan
Posted at 4:50 PM, Nov 16, 2019

Ready to hit the highway for a road trip? Well, Ford wants you to do it in all-inclusive style in its new vehicle. Called the Big Nugget, this campervan has four distinct spaces, including a driver and front passenger area, a bedroom with a double bed, a full bathroom, and a kitchenette for whipping up on-the-road meals.

Revealed at the 2019 Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf, Germany and created in partnership with the camper specialist Westfalia, the Big Nugget fills 459 cubic feet and 6.6 feet of standing height. The high-roofed vehicle is based on the Ford Transit wheel base and measures 19 feet long. It’s part of the Ford Transit Custom family, which now contains four vehicles.

Ford is currently rolling out the vehicle to markets in Europe, such as Germany, Switzerland, the U.K., Austria, Belgium and Italy. However, the actual market launch of the campervan to consumers should take place in the first half of 2020. The retail price has not yet been announced.

At the front of the Big Nugget, the driver and passenger seats rotate to create a living and dining room area next to the kitchenette.


To accommodate cooking and eating, the kitchenette has a two-burner gas stove, sink, storage cabinets and a small refrigerator.


In the middle of the Big Nugget, there is a separate bathroom area, featuring a fully integrated toilet, washbasin and shower. Plus, there’s a hot water tank so your shower will be warm! Storage and a mirror cabinet are also included.


The bedroom area has a 6.6-foot-long foam mattress bed that can fit two adults in it. It can also be folded up to create more living or storage space when you’re not sleeping.

The Big Nugget also features USB and 12V outlets, dimmable LED lighting and high-quality materials for the flooring and sidewall panels. Five acrylic windows offer mosquito netting and blackout pleats in the back.

“The new Big Nugget is the logical extension and addition to our Nugget family — with its generous space and high-quality equipment, it is the perfect upgrade for the fans of the previous Nugget models but at the same time also a great alternative for campers who want to switch from a large body structure to a more compact vehicle without sacrificing comfort,” said Ford’s Thomas Juraschek in a statement.


Additionally, the vehicle will come with an automatic start-stop system and an “efficient drive mode” that uses GPS information to get insights on the road ahead. Assistive technologies such as Blind Spot Assist, Active Parking Assist and Lane Keeping Assist will be available as well. You can also add a FordPass Connect modem that acts as an internet hub for up to 10 devices.

Once you have a Big Nugget and you’re feeling adventurous, you can hit the open road. Or get creative with your customization, like this one RV driver that added a swimming pool to the top of his RV!

Either way, you’re ready to roll!

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