Shelter offers reward for info that leads to owner of abandoned puppy

If you have any tips call (859) 737-0053
Posted at 3:01 PM, Jul 22, 2019

CLARK COUNTY, Ky. (LEX 18) — A reward is being offered for information after a sickly dog was found abandoned in a cage along a Clark County road.

The Clark County Animal Shelter says a passerby spotted the dog in the kennel with a blanket and food beside Ruckerville Road.

"They found this puppy locked up in this kennel, it was not able to stand, very very weak and obviously sick. Missing a lot of hair, has a skin condition," said Adreanna Wills, the director of the Clark County Animal Shelter.

The dog was sent to the veterinarian, and the shelter started a fundraiser to cover the cost of the dog's care. Sadly, the dog passed away soon after.

"Even if that illness was something that was new, there's no way that someone could have visually looked at this puppy and not realized that it needed some sort of care," said Wills.

Friends of the Clark County Animal Shelter is offering a $500 Reward to the person that provides information leading to the conviction of the person responsible for neglecting and abandoning the dog.

If you have any tips on the case, contact them at (859) 737-0053.

Wills is hoping no other dogs suffer this fate.

"It is against the law to fail to provide vet care, and it's against the law to abandon an animal," said Wills.

The Clark County Animal Shelter is an open admission facility. That means all strays and unwanted animals are accepted, and if you live in the county, there's no charge. Wills wants to emphasize that the shelter is here as a resource.

"There are options out there that can help. There's no reason that an animal should be left to suffer. And there's no reason that an animal should be abandoned," said Wills.