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This Spooky Skull Chair Is The Perfect Decor To Add To Your Home This Fall

Posted at 11:18 AM, Sep 23, 2019

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It’s the first day of fall, and you know what that means — it’s time to pull out the Halloween decorations! And if you’re anything like me, it means picking up a few new decorative items for your home. Because lord knows there’s no such thing as too many glittery and shimmery and glowing skulls. (I may have a problem.)

If you want to go really big this year, may I present to you, Vanna White-style, this massive skull chair. I promise you that it will look absolutely perfect thrown into the mix of your year-round living room furnishings, and will totally convey the message, “I am serious about Halloween, and also an incredibly festive and delightful person.”

Check it:

Etsy / ChicsinDesign

My favorite part of this photo is the way in which he’s casually reading the newspaper as if there’s nothing out of the ordinary about lounging around in the open mouth of a giant skull.

This chair is available from Etsy seller ChicsinDesign for $449. According to the product description, it’s made using polyester thread, an inflatable exercise ball and a metal frame. It arrives flat-packed and requires assembly before use. The cover can be removed for laundering after your Halloween party guests inevitably spill purple punch on it.

The skull also has a movable jaw so that, when you’re not using it as a chair, it can just grin at you maniacally from the corner of the room.

Etsy / ChicsinDesign

No, really. It’s terrifying.

Etsy / ChicsinDesign

If spending $449 on a chair you can only use one month out of the year seems a bridge too far, well, I guess you’re just not serious enough about holiday decorating.


Seriously, though. There are other, less pricey options. While this beanbag chair is not necessarily as lifelike as the chair from Etsy, we do like that $16.99 price tag:


Or maybe the chair from Etsy is just not intense enough. In which case, we encourage you to spend $1,299.99 on what is described as a “high fantasy underworld White Walker skeleton spine bone skull throne.” Whew!


Honestly? I’m loving this and would 100% keep it out year-round.

Furniture aside, there are plenty of skull-focused decor options out there for your fall fetes. We’re fans of these decorative skull logs, for when you want partygoers to think that you might possibly be living in a murder house where you burn the remains of your hapless victims.


Are you going all out for Halloween this year?

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