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Starbucks debuts new copper cup for 50th anniversary celebration

Starbucks debuts new copper cup for 50th anniversary celebration
Posted at 11:45 AM, Mar 09, 2021

Starbucks is out to prove that there is nothing to fear from turning 50. The coffee giant looks better than ever even as it matures. With drinks such as the newly-announced shaken espressos and viral secret menu drinks such as the Cookies and Cream Cold Brew keeping Starbucks constantly on people’s radar, business is as strong as its dark roast blends.

The company opened its first Starbucks location in 1971 at Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Few people probably had any idea what a sensation these coffee shops would create over the years. As of 2019, Starbucks had about 31,200 locations across the world.

To celebrate the company’s milestone, Starbucks released a new copper cup that has more than its share of birthday bling to it.  The limited-edition cup, is officially called the Copper Dichroic Bling Plastic Cold Cup, according to Delish.

Here’s a post from a fan at @ThinkImBigNeek, showing a display of them.

The 24-ounce cup (retail price $19.99) featured in Delish holds a lot of cold-brewed or iced coffee, which we all know is a good thing. It features the iconic Starbucks siren along with a studded finish that adds allows for a lot of flash in the sun or wherever the light hits it. Of course, it comes with a lid and a straw, which makes it perfect for your on-the-go beverage needs.

While Delish only featured the 24-oz. cup, there is apparently a duo of these beautiful cups released March 2: a venti (16-oz.) and a grande. But finding them may be tricky.

Like many of Starbucks’ limited-design cups, demand for this merchandise is high. Facebook user Jessica Prior got up early on March 2 to try to score an entire set of the Starbucks 50th anniversary copper cups.

A number of people grabbed a cup (or two or more) and immediately put them up for sale on eBay or other online marketplaces such as Poshmark, which had a 16-oz. cup on sale for $65. It’s quite a markup, but some people just want to get their hands around one of these special cups. Hopefully, these very-limited edition products will get re-stocked soon if you can’t find one now.

In addition to the fancy copper cups, Starbucks has other 50th anniversary merchandise, such as a line of 50th-anniversary cups inspired by the siren. It has also released a special 50-Year Anniversary Blend.


Starbucks said it’s the company’s “boldest blend.” It’s sourced exclusively from Indonesia. The description says the coffee blend has hints of smoked cedar, allspice, black truffle and fresh tarragon.

You can purchase a pound of Starbucks’ Anniversary Blend through the official website or look in your local shop. You can pick up the bag of beans to ground at home or choose from a variety of grinds, including espresso (fine), flat bottom (drip), French press (coarse), and cone (semi-fine).

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