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The Ghost of Gordon Lives On

Posted at 5:37 PM, Sep 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-05 17:37:29-04

Tropical Storm Gordon made landfall late Tuesday night near Pascagoula, Mississippi with maximum sustained winds of 70 mph. This was the first Atlantic storm to make landfall in the US this year. Strong winds, heavy rain, and high surf impacted the Gulf Coast from the Florida panhandle to Mississippi. Now over land, Gordon is weakening but the effects from the storm will still be felt for days.

Gordon will continue moving farther inland, tracking through Arkansas and eventually Missouri by the start of the weekend. The remnants are expected to bring gusty winds and heavy rain for the mid-Mississippi River Valley. High pressure will eventually steer the center of circulation east towards the upper Great Lakes.


The Commonwealth will feel some of the effects, but the ghost of Gordon will spread the heaviest rain to our north and northwest. Spots like Little Rock, St. Louis, southern Illinois, and central Indiana could pick up over four inches of rain through early next week.

Before the remnants of Gordon even arrive, we are tracking a round of rain and storms to kick off a soggy stretch. A front, currently stalled over the Midwest, will be on the move by Friday, and sit directly over the Bluegrass. This will bring a pretty good dose of rain. We will catch a little break on Saturday before rain from Gordon makes for a gloomy Sunday.