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September Rainfall Already Above Average

Posted at 5:47 PM, Sep 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-10 17:47:35-04

Thanks to the remnants of Tropical Storm Gordon, we have already surpassed our monthly rainfall average by nearly two inches. The kicker is, 72% of that rainfall occurred in the last 2 days! So far, the Blue Grass Airport has recorded 4.80 inches of rainfall since we started the month. 3.44” of that rain fell in the last two days due to the tropical rainfall from what used to be Gordon.

If we compare that to normals. By the 10th of September, our normal rainfall amount is around 0.96.” With the 4.80” of rainfall so far we’re 3.84”+ for the month to date. Our normal for the entire month of September is 2.91” and us usually one of the driest months we get. The 4.80” of rain so far is 1.89” above normal and keep in mind we still have 20 days left to record more rainfall.

We will likely pick up our next recorded rainfall from the remnants of Hurricane Florence this weekend if it moves onshore and crosses the Appalachians. That’s still a ways off however, and it’s just a waiting game. Until then, we get a few days to dry out this week.