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Record September Rainfall

Posted at 5:54 PM, Sep 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-27 17:54:06-04

Yes, yes we know it rained again today. But we did get something out of this rain. Lexington set a new record for September rainfall. The monthly rainfall total now sits at 10.42″. This year has also pulled in the top 20 for wettest years in Lexington.

As of 5 PM Thursday, Blue Grass Airport reported just under four tenths of an inch of rain. Southern and southeastern Kentucky were soaked today. These areas didn’t receive as much rain in recent days. However, the widespread and steady nature of the rain did result in some flooding concerns in the southeast corner of the Commonwealth.

So why did it rain today? We tracked a cold front through the Commonwealth yesterday, and we expecting the front to stall to our south. The boundary did just that, but it also wiggled back north today. A wave of low pressure rode along the front and produced a slug of showers. Given our close proximity to the front and low, central and eastern Kentucky got rain again today.

We mean it for real now. We are tracking the rain to end this evening. The low and cold front will sink farther south tonight. High pressure will slide into place and help to usher in a stretch of great fall days. A very small chance for showers to slip in with a moisture-starved cold front on Saturday. Solid chance for rain will hold off until Tuesday. Enjoy your reward!