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Look Up to Catch the Draconid Meteor Shower!

Posted at 11:29 AM, Oct 08, 2018

So tonight and tomorrow morning is the peak of this year’s Draconid meteor shower. If you know anything about the Draconid, you know that most year’s its a minor shower. Typically is only produces between 5 and 10 meteors per hour. However, sometimes the shower can be a good deal more spectacular, if the conditions are right.

The good news is, whether we get 20 meteors per hour, or a measly 5 per hour, we have perfect viewing conditions tonight and tomorrow morning. The moon is in its “new” phase tonight which means the sky will be completely dark, except for the stars. Also, due to the high pressure and loss of heating overnight, we’re expecting mostly clear skies. On top of that, temperatures will be nice and mild running in the upper 60s or low 70s. You couldn’t ask for better viewing conditions!

So, if you’re bored tonight and can’t sleep, go find a location out side of town and away from city lights to catch a few glorious streaks of light as we pass through the Comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner debris.