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“Oscar” Continues the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

Posted at 5:09 PM, Oct 29, 2018

We’re now just over one month from the official end of the Atlantic Hurricane Season. Typically activity begins to wane around this time of the year, but strong storms are still possible.

As of now, the only storm worth of a mention in the Atlantic Basin is Oscar. Oscar is a category one hurricane with sustained wind speeds reaching 95 mph. Gusts are whipping up to 115 mph. The storm is sitting north of the Greater Antilles in the Western Atlantic Ocean and is 550 miles SE of Bermuda.

The good news about Oscar is it will likely remain a “fish storm” for its entire lifetime. The storm is on a northerly track as of now, but will make a northeast turn and get picked up by the jet stream. Oscar may reach category two strength before turning northeast and moving into cooler waters. At that point it will begin to weaken.