Brief Freezing Drizzle Sunday Morning

Posted at 9:31 AM, Feb 16, 2019

We’re diving right back into another active weather pattern for next week. It begins with the second storm this weekend which will keep things wet and slippery for your Sunday.

The warm front will lift a pitch of warm air above the early morning freezing temperatures. This will allow a thin line of freezing drizzle to allow minor ice accumulations early Sunday morning. Timing will have it starting in the Northern Bluegrass and I-64 around the 4-5 am hour and moving north from there.

Ice amounts will be negligible. At most, we’re expecting a few hundredths of an inch. The term “minor glaze” is appropriate here. Still, even with the minor amounts, roads and sidewalks can be slippery until temperatures rise above freezing. Use caution on the Sunday morning drive, especially around bridges and overpasses.

Even as the ice melts, road conditions will only improve slightly. Rain will take over and continue as scattered showers through the day. Roads will remain slippery throughout Sunday. Amounts will be higher in the southeastern counties. Generally we’re expecting between a quarter and an inch of rain. Southeastern counties could collect up to an inch and a half.