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Heavy Rain Threat Late Week

Posted at 9:33 PM, Jun 02, 2019

Hopefully you can find a way to take advance of the next two days. Monday and Tuesday will be perfect! Sunshine, low humidity, and highs in the 70s. You’ll really want to find an excuse to head outside after you hear what’s coming later in the week.

The Commonwealth and the rest of the Ohio Valley will see the return of wet weather by Wednesday as a shortwave, a mid-level low, rumbles across the middle of the country. This will be a multi-day event. At the onset we will see just showers. There may be enough instability by Wednesday afternoon that stronger storms will be a possibility. Along with heavy rain, hail and damaging winds will be possible with any of the strong thunderstorms.

The low will take it’s sweet time moving across the central US. A high parked across the Gulf of Mexico will be adding more moisture. This will keep chances for rain and storms elevated through next weekend. The best chances for wet weather unfortunately looks to come next weekend as the cut-off low passes over Kentucky.

There are several areas that will be impacted by this system that don’t need anymore rain right now. That includes Arkansas and southeastern Missouri where record flooding and levee breaches have already occurred. Several inches of rain, even stretched out over five days, will aggravate flooding issues. River rises will continue. Locally over two inches of rain will be possible through Sunday. The Bluegrass and points west will see the highest amounts. Localized flooding concerns may arise with the days of rain, especially if heavy rainfall become routine over particular areas.