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Lexington Legends Forecast

Posted at 2:34 PM, Jun 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-11 14:34:58-04

Lexington Legends Forecast
Home Series: Tuesday, June 11th – Wednesday, June 12th
Whitaker Bank Ballpark
Opponent: Augusta GreenJackets

Ok, so I’m a little behind on this week’s game forecasts as the early week games snuck up on me. If you were at the game yesterday, the rain had already *mostly* moved out so it should’ve been a good one. The last two games have mostly good conditions, so let’s discuss…

*Game times and information below may not be current, check the Lexington Legends website for more information:

Tuesday, June 11th:
First Pitch: 7:05 PM EDT
25¢ Hot Dogs
Legen-Dairy Night
The weather is prime this evening for baseball. The cold front yesterday knocked temperatures down 5-10 degrees and ushered in drier air. This has made the day look and feel better all-around. We keep good weather conditions for the rest of the day, so the game is a go! Temperatures will be mild for the start and the finish.

Wednesday, June 12th:
First Pitch: 12:05 PM EDT
Afternoon Game
Camp Day

The motto for Wednesday’s matchup is “the earlier, the better.” Clouds will already be in place by first pitch, but the weather should remain dry, at least for the first few innings. The later into the game, the higher the rain chance. Have a rain jacket ready for a downpour and a strong wind gust. Temperatures will be mild throughout.