Possible Clearing Midday Will Be Bittersweet

Posted at 10:31 AM, Jun 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-16 11:04:42-04

Short-range models are showing a midday dry trend for Father’s Day; we’ll be in the lull between the two storm clusters. This break can be  both good and bad, depending on the amount of sunshine we get.

The good is the obvious window for Father’s Day outdoor activities. There will be ample time to get outside and have a good day. I wouldn’t recommend a trip to the lake or a long hike, as the second batch will arrive in the mid-evening hours. Still, you’ll have half a day to enjoy yourselves. The break is also looking to bring a little clearing as the atmospheric pressure raises; so, you’ll have bits of sunshine to enjoy.

However, there is a bad side to the clearing. When you receive abundant sunshine before a possible severe weather event, conditions will be more favorable for severe weather. The first cluster of storms this morning worked the atmosphere over. It basically corrected all the problems with the atmosphere and now the air mass over us is relatively stable. However, with clearing, comes more heat. The additional heat from the clearing will cause the atmosphere to start mixing again; become unstable. This can spell trouble for the storms that are expected later tonight. In a nutshell, the atmosphere will be “reset” and storms will have a lot more to work with when they arrive.

I’ll be in the StormTracker Weather Center all day keeping tabs on the storms and bringing you updates. Have a wonderful (and safe) Father’s Day.

-Seth Phillips