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Talk Show Host Mel Robbins Explains Why None Of Us Are ‘broken’

Talk Show Host Mel Robbins Explains Why None Of Us Are ‘broken’
Posted at 11:55 AM, Oct 12, 2019

There’s a new face on daytime television. And though you haven’t seen her on the small screen before, you may have seen her elsewhere.

Mel Robbins, a popular female speaker and the best-selling author of “The 5 Second Rule,” has spent the past decade inspiring, motivating and coaching people. Now, she’ll be beamed right into the living rooms of America with her new nationally syndicated talk show, “The Mel Robbins Show.”

Simplemost spoke to Robbins just after the show’s debut about what viewers can expect. We also asked her to share some solid life advice with our readers.

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The Lowdown On ‘The Mel Robbins Show’

The new, hour-long show features stories of real people tackling real and relatable problems, leaving viewers with the action plans they need to get the lives they want. Robbins hopes to set her show apart from others by delivering something the viewer can actually use — along with some lighthearted and funny moments everyone can relate to.

“‘The Mel Robbins Show’ is the only show on TV with a woman giving practical, no-nonsense advice,” Robbins said. “There are no celebrities on the show – it’s an advice talk show helping real people through the issues they’re facing in their lives and relationships.”

The Story Behind The Show

As a mother of three, Robbins says she’s been preparing for this show her entire life and can relate to the everyday struggles her guests and viewers face. Just 10 years ago, she was in an unhappy place in life, often overcome by crippling anxiety.

“Between living with anxiety, facing bankruptcy and working through issues in my own marriage, I have been life-tested,” she said. “And I’ve been teaching everything I’ve learned to millions of people through my best-selling books, online courses and social media platform.”

"The Mel Robbins Show"

Life Lessons From Mel

Robbins’ advice tends to be to-the-point, simple, practical and no-nonsense. Just because it’s simple, however, doesn’t mean it’s not life-changing.

Take, for example, her 5 Second Rule, which suggests that if you have an impulse to act on a goal, you should physically move within 5 seconds or your brain will kill the idea. This is a tactic that can be used on everything from waking up in the morning to losing weight to succeeding in the workplace.

“It’s a tool you can use to push yourself through the self-doubt and fears that are keeping you from being the best you and getting the life you deserve,” says Robbins. “You can start using it tomorrow morning. When the alarm goes off, and you start to feel yourself thinking about your problems, count backward, 5-4-3-2-1, and instead of hitting snooze, launch yourself out of bed!”

Robbins also has advice for those who feel in some way deficient. She believes that no one is actually “broken,” even if they feel they are. Rather, it is our patterns of behavior and thinking that are broken.

“My advice is if something isn’t working in your life, stop trashing yourself and start looking for which patterns of behavior you need to trash instead,” she said.

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If you find her tips compelling, “The Mel Robbins Show” airs weekdays across the country on multiple networks (which happen to share a parent company with Simplemost!). To find out where to watch near you, just visit the show’s website and click on “Find Your Station.”

Will you be tuning in?

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