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Adorable Backpack Coolers Hold Up To 20 Cans

Adorable Backpack Coolers Hold Up To 20 Cans
Posted at 11:20 AM, Jun 16, 2020

If you’re lucky enough to be heading to the beach, a park or someone’s socially distanced backyard party, you’ll want to be well-stocked with refreshments. That’s where backpack coolers come in.

Take your beverages out and about in these three new summery backpack coolers from Target’s Sun Squad line. Each fits 20 cans and costs just $20. The large, insulated container can be filled with drinks and food that will then be kept cool for hours.

First up is the pineapple backpack cooler, which was available last summer, too. But Sun Squad has made it even cuter this year. Look at that pineapple top!


Then there’s the sweet watermelon backpack cooler that will have you salivating for a real slice of the juicy fruit. (One reviewer noted that the green “rind” color is a lighter shade than it appears to be in this photo.)


And finally, Target has a Warm Stripe backpack cooler with rainbow hues.


Each of these bags has a leak-proof front pocket, a vinyl-lined interior and a top handle along with the backpack straps. Two smaller side pockets provide ideal storage for water bottles or smaller items.

It looks like the pineapple backpack cooler might be running low on stock already, but the watermelon and rainbow-stripe bags are still available.

“I put ice, waters, a 12 pack of trulys on a day on the lake in the hot sun…. this cooler still had ice in it the next morning!!” a Target reviewer said of the striped cooler backpack. “It doesn’t leak or get super wet on the bottom. Most def recommend for the price!!!”

Another reviewer said they put car keys in the front pocket and liked how easy the bag was to clean inside.

Sun Squad also has 24-can totes ($20), 16-can wide-mouthed backpacks ($15) and 12-can purselike totes ($10) versions in various iterations of the three designs. There’s even a pineapple fanny pack cooler for when you’re flying solo.

Enjoy sipping those ice-cold beverages in the summer sun!

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