Thawing out

But it remains unseasonably cold for mid-November.
Posted at 2:06 PM, Nov 13, 2019

Thanks to the cold air, the clear skies overnight, and the snow on the ground the temperatures plummeted to 12 degrees. We don’t get this cold very often in the first half of November. The 12 degrees this morning breaks the old daily minimum temperature record of 13 degrees set back in 1911. In addition to the daily low record, 12 degrees is also the coldest temperature ever recorded in the first half of November. We’ve only reached it one time; November 3rd, 1951. Needless to say, it’s been rare cold.

Now, we can focus on the days ahead. Temperatures will slowly warm back to near normal, but not until the end of next week. Thanks to a southerly wind, we will get a 10 degree jump tomorrow afternoon putting us in the middle to low 40s through the end of the week. A Thursday cold front will not bring much in the precipitation department but will increase clouds and cool us by a few degrees through Saturday. You can prepare for the end of the week with layers as it will be cold mornings below freezing, and chilly afternoons. The sunshine is back out for the weekend as we slowly climb, and we should reach the 50-degree mark after another freezing morning on Sunday. The lows will finally rise above freezing Monday morning as afternoon highs rise through the 50s through next week. Precipitation chances remain low through the next 8 days.