The First of Two

Two fronts will change the pattern
Posted at 3:53 AM, Aug 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-06 03:53:01-04

Again, things are calm and quiet this morning with some patchy fog out there, or partly cloudy skies. As the sun comes up, the fog will lift and scatter. Everyone will see an increase in cloud coverage through the day today. Don’t expect much in the way of rain just yet. Later this evening, the MaxTrack will light up with more activity.

Two cold fronts will slide across the Ohio River Valley this week leading to a brief reduction in temperatures and humidity for the upcoming weekend. That will make it comfortable for those planning to attend the Railbird Festival, or just for anyone who wants to spend their weekend outdoors. Before we get there, we have some heat and activity to get through. Today will be the last of the current heat wave as temperatures get up into the low 90s for afternoon highs. Humidity will be slight, but enough that you’ll notice it. Plenty of water and shade will help. Tonight brings cold front #1 and scattered rain and storms will precede it. Expect some heavy rain and some strong wind gusts with lightning. There will be a small break in the action Thursday, but more rain and storms are expected Friday with cold front #2.