The first of two cold blasts

Just an appetizer Friday; main course next week.
Posted at 10:45 AM, Nov 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-07 10:45:38-05

A double double of winter is heading this way. Along with rain today, we are tracking a temperature dive. This morning temperatures were in the low and mid 50s. We'll drop to the upper 30s by the end of the day after a cold front that is sweeping through the Ohio Valley and Southeast. An Arctic air mass will slide into place behind the front. We'll wake up to the coldest morning of the season with lows in the 20s! And we won't be able to shake the winter-like chill with a high only in the upper 30s.

This is just the appetizer. There will be a "palette cleanser" over the weekend as temperature rebound close to 60° by Sunday. The main course, if you will, arrives next week. Another strong cold front will push through Monday into Tuesday. The first snow of the season is likely. Minor accumulations are possible, but it's too early to speculate any further.

The door will then be opened to a bitter Arctic blast. We are expecting several days of record cold temperatures in terms of morning AND afternoon temperatures. This will truly be the coldest air of the season. Lows will drop down into the teens and lower 20s with highs just above the freezing mark. And that doesn't even consider the wind chill factor. Stock on up hot chocolate and chili ingredients, winter is coming on strong and early!