The Rise Before the Fall

Temperatures swelter, but relief is coming
Posted at 5:39 AM, Jul 20, 2019

Temperatures are starting out warm this morning thanks to the short amount of time allowed to cool off. Temperatures are running in the low to mid-70s or near 80. We will see that number rise quickly as the sun heats us up. Mostly clear skies will turn into partly cloudy, however the rain chance remains minimal for today.

When you’re in a heat wave like the one currently, there isn’t a lot of time for heat relief. Temperatures get so hot in the afternoons that there isn’t enough time to cool overnight. Therefore, we begin with days where they are now. Warm, in the low to mid-70s or even near 80 degrees. Temperatures will swelter to the middle 90s this afternoon. The dew point temperatures will reside in the low to mid-70s, which will make the temperature feel more like 103-105 degrees. This heat can be dangerous. Make sure to practice good heat safety and remember to hydrate often. Also, know the signs of heat-related illness and what to do if you spot them. It could save you or someone you know. Temperatures begin to cool tomorrow, but by no means are we finished with the heat wave. We will cool more through next week, after a strong early-week front that is transporting cooler/drier air.