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These Easy No-bake Samoa Cookies Taste Just Like The Real Thing

These Easy No-bake Samoa Cookies Taste Just Like The Real Thing
Posted at 11:32 AM, Jun 04, 2019

If you’ve finally run out of the last box of Girl Scout cookies, fret not! First of all, Girl Scout cookies are available to buy year-round on Amazon, so there’s that. But sometimes, you just can’t beat making treats from scratch. And now there’s a recipe that tastes just like Samoas that will help you achieve Girl Scout-quality scrumptiousness in your very own kitchen.

The blogger behind The Recipe Rebel points out just how easily you can whip up a batch of coconut and chocolate-flavored cookies — with no baking required! All you have to do is heat these beauties on the stovetop in a pan and let the cookies cool on the counter until they’re firm and ready to eat — no hand mixer required. So basically, the toughest part of making these will be waiting to devour them.

You’ll start by preparing the coconut and chocolate drizzle for the tops of your cookies. Then you’ll set that aside so you can get the cookie base ready. Drizzle that deliciousness on and, once cooled, your cookies will look just as good as if they’d come out of a Samoa cookie box:

The Recipe Rebel

And they’ll taste just as incredible!

Another easy Samoa-inspired dessert that’s perfect for summertime is this nearly no-bake recipe for Samoa dessert lasagna fromFood Folks and Fun. The crust, which consists of flour, sugar, butter and coconut does require a bit of time in the oven. But from there, compiling the rest of the dessert is simply about layering and allowing time to chill in the refrigerator. This chilled dessert will pair well with a hot summer night:

Food Folks and Fun

Girl Scout cookie season may be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on flavors you love! Especially since recipes this delicious and easy to make exist.

Who’s ready to eat Samoa-flavored desserts all year long?

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