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This Motivational Water Bottle Will Help Keep You Hydrated

This Motivational Water Bottle Will Help Keep You Hydrated
Posted at 8:30 AM, Jun 09, 2022

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We all know it’s important to stay hydrated. Keeping up with your water intake helps every system in your body — from the cellular level on up.

Your body weight is 50-70% water, after all, and proper hydration just keeps everything running smoothly. So if you’re trying to make changes for your health, drinking more H2O is a great place to start.

The trouble is, water is kind of boring. With all the other beverage choices we have, from elaborate coffee drinks and sugar-loaded sodas to fancy fruit juices, plain old water can easily fall by the wayside.


And that’s why “motivational” water bottles are a thing. There are lots of different styles, but they all work by keeping tabs on your water intake throughout the day.

According to Harvard University’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health, women should shoot for about 11 cups (2.6 liters) per day; men’s goal should be 16 cups (about 3.8 liters). That’s a lot of sips! A motivational water bottle helps you track what you’ve already ingested each day, and peps you up to drink your recommended amount.

Here are a couple of motivational Amazon finds that will help increase your hydration:

Arc Bottle with Time Marker, $16.45 (With Coupon)


At 32 ounces, this little guy doesn’t hold enough water for the entire day. But, for women, drinking and filling it twice will get you really close to that 11-cup intake goal.

Marks along the side show where the water level should be as the day goes on. And if you want all your daily water in one place, it also comes in a burly 74-ounce size priced regularly at $22.99.


Amazon users have nice things to say about this bottle, too: With more than 5,300 ratings, 76% of buyers gave it a 5-star rating.

Reviewer Joseph J. Castiner echoes many of the positive reviews in explaining his 5-star rating.

“Not only does this bottle feel and look great, it actually fits in all of my cup holders which is key so I can bring it with me everywhere I go,” Castiner, who bought the 32-ounce size, wrote. ”If you also find yourself forgetting to drink enough water, this is the bottle for you.”

Amazon customer @pencilskirt also gave a 5-star review, saying, “I am actually drinking water because it’s pretty and I can track my intake by time. I had kidney stones and chronic dehydration headaches that I think will be resolved finally by the good habits this little $25 investment has spawned.”

The 32-ounce size is currently on sale for $21.99 from its original $24.99 price. Plus there’s a $7 coupon attached to both sizes, meaning you can actually obtain this helpful hydration tool for $16.45 (for the 32-ounce size) and $17.55 (for the 74-ounce).

Venture Pal 1 Gallon Bottle with 2 Lids, $23.99


Recently mentioned by Molly Shannon in an interview, this 1-gallon jug has time stamps like the Arc bottle. But it also has cheerful messages to help you reach your goal for the day. Get inspired by ”Remember your goal” at 11 a.m., and push through thanks to “Don’t give up” at 5 p.m. When you reach your final sips at 9 p.m., “You did it” marks your achievement.

This hefty, happy container comes in a bunch of appealing colors. A handle and wrist strap make it easy to tote along with you. And you can choose to sip with an included straw lid, or attach the pop-top lid to chug the day away.

Be advised, though, that this one is big! In a list of the bottle’s positive attributes, reviewer Aggie Tx Gal joked, “If you are caught in a snowstorm, EMP blast, or zombie apocalypse you will be able to keep yourself and a small village hydrated.”

Sounds pretty good, Aggie. We’re sold! This item is currently listed at $23.99, a slight discount off its original price of $26.99.

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