Tropical Storm Nestor to cut across the Southeast

Wind and rain this weekend.
Posted at 5:44 PM, Oct 18, 2019

A disturbance in the Gulf quickly formed into Tropical Storm Nestor earlier today. Rain from the tropical system has been spreading along the Gulf Coast and will eventually soak the Southeast this weekend.

Nestor is expected to make landfall as a high-end tropical storm or low-end category 1 hurricane Saturday morning near Panama City. This is close to where Hurricane Michael came ashore last year as a catastrophic category 5 storm. The center of Nestor will cut across south Georgia before moving through the Carolinas on Sunday.

Heavy rain will soak most of Florida. The heaviest rain will occur along the Gulf Coast. Parts of central Georgia, the mid-country of South Carolina, and eastern North Carolina could pick up close to six inches of rain on Sunday. The Cats and Dawgs will rain and wind to contend with Saturday evening.

The strongest winds will be near the center of the storm. The Florida landfall could see 60 to 70 mph as Nestor makes landfall Saturday morning. Areas between Savannah and Myrtle Beach will experience the strongest winds by late-day and into Sunday morning.