Two new coronavirus cases in Fayette County

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Posted at 8:25 PM, Mar 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-15 12:49:28-04

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — Governor Andy Beshear's office confirmed Kentucky has two new cases of the coronavirus, both in Fayette County.

These two new cases bring the total number of positive cases to 18 in Kentucky.

The cases are spread across the Commonwealth in 6 counties: Harrison, Fayette, Jefferson, Montgomery, Bourbon and Nelson.

“While children remain at low risk, they can carry the virus and we must do everything we can to reduce its spread and protect our most vulnerable, including our senior citizens,” said Gov. Beshear.

The Governor's office says these two cases were "expected and related to an existing case."

The following are the details on the 18 positive cases of the virus in the Commonwealth:

  1. Harrison County: A 27-year-old female who is now out of hospital and fully recovered.
  2. Fayette County: A 40-year-old male.
  3. Jefferson County: A 69-year-old male.
  4. Harrison County: A 67-year-old female.
  5. Harrison County: A 68-year-old male.
  6. Fayette County: A 46-year-old male.
  7. Harrison County: A 54-year-old female.
  8. Harrison County: A 60-year-old male.
  9. Harrison County: A 51-year-old male.
  10. Fayette County: A 31-year-old female.
  11. Jefferson County: The Governor's office is still confirming if this is a repeat test.
  12. Bourbon County: A 66-year-old male.
  13. Jefferson County: A 68-year-old female.
  14. Jefferson County: A 80-year-old female.
  15. Nelson County: A 53-year-old male who refused self-isolation and now has law enforcement staged outside his home to ensure he stays in self-isolation.
  16. Montgomery County: A 56-year-old male.
  17. Fayette County: There are no additional details at this time.
  18. Fayette County: There are no additional details at this time.