Typical Summer Weather…Sort Of

Slightly cooler and less humid...for now
Posted at 1:03 PM, Jul 31, 2019

It’s mostly calm out there today, but the chance for isolated pop-up t-showers is there. Heating from the day has allowed a few to form and we’ll continue to get some until the heat backs off. Until then, temperatures are running warm, in the middle 80s and it’s slightly humid with a dew point in the mid-60s.

The pattern from here forward will be that of a typical summer pattern. Heat, humidity and a small chance for isolated pop-up t-storms. This heat and humidity will peak as we get into the upcoming weekend and next week. However, the next couple of days will be cooler than average, with only small amounts of humidity. Rain chances will be isolated and minimal, but if a storm pops-up over you, you’ll get a decent downpour and some lightning. A strong wind gust is not out of the equation either. As the heat subsides, so does the chance for storms. We’ll keep that rain pattern in place through the rest of the week. Heat and humidity will build for the next 8 days and we’ll top out around 90 degrees next week.